Measurement Blueprint is our approach to helping clients get to impact by identifying, defining and implementing their overall organizational social impact strategy including specific focus area results from their community investments that are attainable and reportable. 

Once the social impact strategy is developed and vetted with key stakeholders CIC then works to integrate the strategy into your operations, including designing processes, including investment applications and reports that are results-focused, defining key decision-making criteria for reviewing potential community initiatives, and provide training and technical assistance to both internal and external stakeholders as needed.

And when applications and progress/final reports are coming in, CIC supports clients to assess opportunities, roll up data to balance and report on portfolio and create communicationsto Tell Your Organizations Impact Story. We have worked over the years, to develop a Result Card approach that tells the story in a clear, concise manner and is adaptable for print, such as within an annual report and for on-line use, such as your organizations website.

Whether you are at the begining of your organizations journey, midway through or wanting to intergrate current learnings our approach can be adapted to fit your needs.